Impact Windows

WDM Construction can replace your existing windows with impact rated windows in as little as few hours with little or no paint touch ups.

When is a good time to upgrade your builder-grade, non-performing, and vulnerable windows and door?
Not during hurricane season! Lead times are 5-6-7- or even 8 weeks out! Prices may also be higher.

What about sliders?
There are a number of impact-resistant sider door options. For example we can use PGT Winguard - insulated, impact, Low-E clear glass slider replacements.

What are impact windows?
Impact-resistant windows and doors are often simply called impact windows. They combine heavy-duty frames with impact-resistant laminated glass and a special silicone glazing process to keep the glass from breaking away from its frame.

Are impact windows the same as hurricane windows?
Hurricane windows offer the greatest protection against storm damage. Impact windows also offer other benefits, including noise reduction and better resistance against intruders. With hurricane windows, your home’s envelope will remain intact, even if a window is hit with a flying piece of wood.

Are impact windows worth the money?
Worth It. It's clear that the abundance of long-term benefits from the installation of impact windows are worth the investment. They are more than a seasonal product and can make life easier and safer.