Featured Remodel Project - Mold Remediation,
Room Reconstruction and New Impact Rated Windows and Doors

Original contract was for replacement of windows with new IMPACT RATED windows and doors and this is what we found....

Home before remodel (home owner had property inspected by home inspector and air quality specialist):

Home Had Been Inspected by Home Inspector and Air Quality Specialist Looks Are Deceiving
Originally Window Replacement Project Following Pictures Are What We Found First Day...

We found during our first day on project (which "inspectors" did NOT):

  • Extreme water damage to wall framing and sheathing
  • Extreme mold growth in two rooms of home
  • Sub standard construction practices throughout home
  • Improper framing over windows and doors and no attachment to foundation
  • Several attempts to fix/hide/cover damage from previous home owner/contractors
  • Complete reconstruction was required to make this home habitable

Extreme Water Damage EXTREME Mold Growth Water Damage to Wall Framing and Sheathing EXTREME Mold Growth Non-eExistant Weight Bearing Over Windows EXTREME Mold Growth

Total project went from replacement of windows and doors to...

  • Support roof structure
  • Mold remediation (completed by ACTIVE ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS)
  • Remove and reconstruct framing of all exterior walls of addition and one wall of original home
  • Attachment of all new structures to foundation
  • New impact rated windows and doors (PGT WINGUARD windows and sliding glass door and PLASTPRO entry door)
  • New stucco (completed by JORDAN'S PLASTERING)
  • Replacement of faulty electrical wiring (rewired and updated by TECHNICAL EDGE)
  • Addition of separate mini-split HVAC system (supplied and install by MR COOL AIR CONDITIONING)
  • Installation of proper insulation
  • LEvel Floor and installation of insulatation under floating floor
  • New drywall (supplied and installed by RJL DRYWALL)
  • New millwork
  • Screen cage repair (completed by HANSEN ALUMINUM)
  • New carpet and padding (supplied and installed by ABBEY CARPET AND FLOORING)

New Attachment to Foundation Re-framing Proper Weight Bearing Over Window Proper Load Bearing Framing Reconstruction New Exterior Walls Aattachment of All New Structures to Foundation Proper Window Installation New Sliders New Support Roof Structure New Support Roof Structure New Impact Rated Windows New Impact Rated Window and Door Replacement of Faulty Electrical Wiring Installation of Proper Insulation New Drywall Drywall Taping New Stucco